Below you will find a self-assessment form, which is a crucial aspect in your process of getting to know yourself and becoming an independent learner. Each item in the questionnaire will feature seven options, with A0 always being the most basic and C2 the most advanced. This levelling system is based on the CEFR - an international language proficiency system - and aims at analysing which skills you feel confident about putting into practice without assistance. The goal here is, before anyone evaluating you, that you have an opportunity to do that yourself and also that you learn about the levels and what is expected of each one of them.

CEFR self-assessment
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Please write down all dates and times and any observations. Based on this the teacher will try as best as she can to find a suitable time for both you and her
Listening: How comfortable do you feel about your listening skills? *
Reading: How would you judge your reading in English? *
Spoken Production: How well do you explain your ideas? *
Spoken Interaction: How do you feel about your conversational skills? *
How is your writing? *