A few interesting things about money in the USA and in the UK

[MONEY] A few things you might want to know about money in the UK and the US:

1) Slang
You may hear people say BUCK instead of DOLLAR and QUID instead of POUND in informal situations.

2) Coins
The size of a coin doesn't necessarily reflect its worth. A bigger one might be worth less than a smaller one. 

American coins have special names <3
1 cent = penny
5 cents = nickel
10 cents = dime
25 cents = quarter

If you look at a coin closely, you will read these words on it, and especially the word quarter is really common in every day conversations (I have never seen or heard people say twenty-five cents, actually). You don't need to say these words, but it's good if you know them because when cashiers are running out of change, they often refer to which coins would help them by their names instead of their worth. A cashier may ask you for a dime, for instance, instead of saying 10 cents. 

Brits say P (pence) instead of CENT. If you ask the price of something and the person says "it's fifty p" it means it's 50p.

3) Money notes

You may hear people informally refer to a 5-pound money note as a fiver and a 10-pound one as a tenner. I have also heard a rapper say "my Benjamin Franklins" in reference to his 100-dollar bills, which have BF's face on.

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