UK border control letter of invitation sample for tourists being hosted by friends and family

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A lot of people who come to the UK stay with friends and family. What some don’t know, however, is that non-EU tourists planning to be hosted by someone, rather than pay for accommodation, may be required to present a letter of invitation. This consists of a simple document stating the relationship between host and guest, length of stay and a few details about the accommodation.

I have created a model which I am sharing below with some tips on filling it in:

[Address of the host]

Dear UK Border Control Officer,

I would like to invite my [1. Host’s relationship to Guest], [Guest’s full name], [Guest’s date of birth], [Guest’s passport number] to visit me in the United Kingdom. [2.He/She] would like to stay with me in the UK from [date of arrival] until [date of outbound flight].

I have been living in the UK for [number of months/years]. I am a/an [profession / student] at [place of work / school / university] and have had this job since [month / year]. I hold a [ status]. (4. and will be living in the UK until [date of return to Brazil]).

I declare my home has enough room and I have sufficient funds to support my visitor throughout 5.his/her entire stay in the UK with me at [Host’s address]. I have attached a copy of my passport and their return ticket to support this letter of invitation.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.

Yours faithfully



[Telephone number]



  1. friend / mother / father / sister / brother / boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / cousin

  2. He = masculine - She = feminine They = plural

  3. student visa / spouse visa / European passport

  4. If you’re resident in the UK, exclude this

  5. his = masculine / her = feminine /their = plural

  6. the host can also add a copy of their own passport alongside with the flight ticket of the host back to Brazil.

Have a nice trip,