3 ways to respond to "What's your name?" if you want to be called by your nickname

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Informally, especially when we have a difficult name (e.g., Lachesis) we might want to be called by our nickname instead of our name. 

Below are are three simple ways to do it:

"I go by <<NAME>>. <<NICKNAME>>, for short."

nickname queen elizabeth

"Please call me <<NICKNAME>>. It's short for <<NAME>>."

bill clinton nickname

"I'm <<NAME>>, but my friends call me <<NICKNAME>>."

justin bieber nickname

Obs: we use "for short" and "it's short for" when the nickname is a short version of our name.
For example, my name is LAchesis, which is LAlá for short

There you go! 

You are now ready to have people call you by your nickname.