[ Android ] How to sign your contract using your cell phone

Fancy saving a tree today? Below is an easy step-by-step to get you up to speed and sign your contract without needing to print it. 

If you're an iPhone user, click here. Para Português, clique aqui

Step 1. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the play store:

Once you finish downloading, you will NOT open Adobe. Just leave it for now.


Step 2. Open your inbox (NOT Adobe):


Step 3. Find the message where the contract is attached and click on it:


Step 4. On the top right corner click on the three dots:

Android screenshot how to sign documents

Step 5. Click on Open with and select Adobe:

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 09.18.06-2.jpeg

Step 6. at the bottom of the page, choose the icon thar has a speech baloon and a pen:


Passo 7. click on the pen icon


Step 8. Create your signature using your index finger (or any other finger you want, really) and click on done.

You may save this signature to your phone for future documents by selecting "save to device"


Step 9. If needed, move and resize your signature on document:

You can resize that by moving on the corners of the box; reposition it by clicking on the middle of the signature.


Passo 10. When the signature has the right size and is in the right place click on done

Note: some people are so used to gossiping online nowadays that they think they can screenshot the document and send it over at this point. Well, if you feel this urge, please control yourself, as the document will be too small to read. After all, this is not a meme =)

Have you clicked on DONE yet?

There you are!

Congrats on saving a tree today!