Five Legal English textbooks to use in class and for self-studies

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If you're looking for textbooks to study and/or teach Legal English, the following options may be worth taking a look at: 

1. International Legal English (B2/C2):

Themes: Company Law, Capitalization, Contracts, Labor Law, Real Property, Intelectual Property. 

Pro: It can be used for self studies and in class Pode ser usado tanto em self-studies quanto em aulas.  The readings are very rich and feature useful vocabulary. 

Con: There aren't a lot of communicative activities and there is no teacher's guide.

2. Introduction to Legal English (B1+/B2):

A similar material from ILE, but tailored for students at B1+.

Themes: Company Law, Tort Law, Criminal Law, Competition Law.

Pro: May be used for self studies or in class; broad variety of themes, really good reading activities. Interesting case studies

Con: No teacher's guide

Tip: These textbooks were made to cater for  ILEC applicants,  recently discontinued by Cambridge. Regardless of that, they are still very good. 

3. Lawyer's English for TOLES (B1-C2):

Themes: Company Law, Banking Law, Contracts, Labor Law, Corporate Writing. 

This is intended for TOLES applicants, which is aimed at students from B1 level on. 

Pros: the units feature exercises for both lower and higher level students. 

Cons: the content is sometimes superficial and there is no speaking, listening or reading tasks.

4. English Just for Lawyers 

A series of exercises well organized by theme.. 

Pros: it's a great book for vocabulary

Cons: It does not feature communicative tasks or explanations. 

5. Check your English Vocabulary for Law

A load of vocabulary exercises

Pros: You will certainly come across interesting terms

Cons: this book is organized according to grammar (and not topics or fields). Besides that, most of the activities are gap filling. It's difficult to create a class featuring all terms, and the context given for the new vocabulary is generally limited to sentence level. 

Have fun learning Legalese!