What's my level of English?

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A question a lot of students ask: 
"What's my level of English?"

A very important thing to do before a student who's already studied before starts a new course of English is a language assessment. It consists of an evaluation done by a teacher to determine what level of English that person is already at. In Brazil, there are huge discrepancies in the results provided by that process because, unfortunately, there aren't a standards schools and teachers have to follow. Worldwide, however, we have something called CEFR (Common European Framework Reference), which separates users of the language into levels from A to C, with C2 being the highest. 


(Learn more about it here)

The following self-assessment grid is a great tool for students to understand why they have been placed at the level assigned by the teacher, and also to judge whether they are ready to, for example, meet the language requirements of their desired universities in English speaking countries (usually B2/C1).

Check it out:

Tip for teachers: this website has a great tool that allows you to create a professional assessment with detailed explanation of the CEFR levels to give your students:

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